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Letter here.


* Doctor Who (Missy/Clara Oswin Oswald, Missy/River Song, Ashildr | Lady Me/Clara Oswin Oswald, Clara Oswin Oswald/River Song, Donna Noble/River Song, Ashildr/Missy/Clara Oswin Oswald)
* Orphan Black (Helena/Sarah Manning, Helena/Grace Johanssen, Rachel Duncan/Sarah Manning, Helena/Alison Hendrix)
* Game of Thrones (Yara Greyjoy/Daenerys Targaryen, Sansa Stark/Brienne of Tarth, Arya Stark/Sansa Stark, Arya Stark/The Waif)
* The Bletchley Circle (Millie/Lucy Davis)
* Call the Midwife (Delia Busby/Patsy Mount)
* Original Work (Goddess/Goddess, Goddess/Sacrifice, Queen/Knight, Princess/Knight, Mermaid/Queen, Spy/Spy)

All requests are for fanfic.
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