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Wrangling and Clarifications
Nominations are open here.

Approvals are still very much underway, but a few issues have cropped up so far.
  • The following Wonder Woman crossover tags need clarification from the nominator on which version of Diana you’re requesting. Now that this has been flagged I will also hold off on approving further WW crossovers without those details, so please check if you have unapproved nominations that will need to be edited or drop a comment with details so I can edit them for you:
    • Diana (Wonder Woman)/Eve Moneypenny (James Bond - Craig Movies)
    • Diana (Wonder Woman)/Rita Vrataski (Edge of Tomorrow)
    • Diana Prince (Wonder Woman)/Barbara Gordon (DC Comics)
    • Diana Prince (Wonder Woman)/Hermione Granger (Harry Potter)
    • Diana Prince (Wonder Woman)/Minerva McGonagall (Harry Potter)
    • Diana Prince (Wonder Woman)/Thirteenth Doctor (Doctor Who)
    • Diana Prince (Wonder Woman)/Tina Goldstein (Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them)
  • Elia Martell has been requested for Game of Thrones (TV) but I can’t google up an actress. Can someone confirm she has a canonical presence of some description in the TV show?
  • Lírien/Gwaeren/Ammeril has been nominated for the Hobbit, but from what I’ve found these seem to be fanon names for unnamed canon characters. Are these names widely recognisable to other fans or do they need changing or clarification of some sort? Can the nominator please provide us with more information in case there's questions or changes to be made.
  • Still looking for additional input on combining DC Cinematic Universe. We are more likely to combine than not for consistency with other fandoms, but input is 50/50 at present and definitely using DC Cinematic and it will definitely include Wonder Woman, but I’m not familiar with all the movies so input on scope is still particularly appreciated.
  • Also looking for input on whether The Vampire Diaries and The Originals should be combined. I will err on not combining unless or until directly requested, but there is a strong case for doing so to be consistent with our other combined fandoms should anyone wish to be able to request TVD/Originals pairings outside of the Crossovers tag.
  • Dalish/Skinner, Dragon Age. From what I can google Dalish refers to a group of people, not an individual. Can the nominator please provide more information?

For those not following the comments on the last post the following clarifications have been made so far about combining fandoms:
  • Mass Effect All Media Types will be used this year and include ME Andromeda
  • Star Wars All Media Types is being used again
  • Arrowverse includes Constantine
  • Power Rangers should be nominated under either the canonical movie tag or the non-canonical Power Rangers (TV) which will cover all shows including RPM
  • Game of Thrones (TV) and ASOIAF are separated.

Please continue to drop comments or email as you have questions or notice any issues. If an eligible pairing is declined in your nominations, please double check the tagset. We’re still working through a large queue so it might have been approved under a different combo or changed to combat tag drift. If something eligible was approved or declined in your nominations and is still missing from or in the wrong place in the tagset, definitely let us know.

If anything appears to be languishing in the queue and you think there might be a question about eligibility please feel free to drop us any additional info we might need. At this stage it is most likely just that it’s still buried behind other fandoms, however.

For those reading this on Tumblr, just a reminder that our Tumblr mod is travelling so if you’d like a quicker response you are very welcome to comment anonymously on our Dreamwidth posts in the meantime!
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