28 August 2016 @ 09:07 am
Sign Ups Are Open!  
I encourage you to revisit the rules before rolling up your sleeves and signing up.

To be brief, and to borrow (rather heavily) from the sign-ups post from last year:
  • You must have – and be logged into – an AO3 account to sign up. If you do not have one, e-mail the mods (details about that and how to use the sign up form here).

  • Please only sign up if you are 100% certain you will be able to complete your assignment by 22 October 2016.

  • You may request four to six fandoms from the list of nominated fandoms. (Make sure to check all categories, including "Uncategorised Fandoms" and "No Media" to make sure you don't miss any cool fandoms.)

  • For each request, do not forget that you can request art, fic, or both.

  • Each fandom must you request must have one to six pairings from the list of nominated pairings.

  • Your match will be based on fandom, pairing, and format (i.e. fic or art).

  • The description section is optional, but it is a very good idea to include information like squicks (especially squicks), general likes, rating restrictions, and prompt ideas. Note, too, that there are things that can be done more easily in fic than in art (and vice versa), so keep that in mind (for more details on art prompts, go here). If you have a great deal to say, it might also be a good idea to link to a "Dear Creator" letter in your own space explaining everything.

  • You may offer four to ten fandoms from the list of nominated fandoms.

  • Each fandom you offer must have one to ten pairings from the list of nominated pairings, and, again, if you choose to offer any pairing, double-check the list of nominated pairings for that fandom and make certain that any of the pairings listed are all right by you.

  • Again, as for requests, you can offer art, fic, or both.

Good notes to remember from last year:
  • Don't forget to check the Uncategorised Tags and the No Media sections of the tag set for extra fandoms (including Star Trek and Crossovers).

  • Occasionally, after you select a fandom, pairings you want might not appear in the drop-down menu despite already being in the tag set. If that happens, please copy and paste the pairing you want from the tag set, but remember that you need to get it exactly the same as it is there.

  • You may edit your sign up as much as you like between now and the close of sign-ups.

  • Please read over your sign-ups one last time before they close. After all, what if you ticked the wrong box?

  • Sign-ups close at 5 PM (PDT) on 7 September 2016. (Countdown Clock)

And now, without further ado:

Go here to sign up.